感谢倡议者、学者、律师以及社区成员提起我对这个问题的重视, 并感谢他们在过去几个月里给予我的支持和建议。



Ottawa – June 16, 2017



Bill C-6 awaits royal assent.


Under the current laws minors submitting an application with a parent or guardian or who have parent or guardian who is a citizen face no significant barriers. However, those without parents or guardians and those whose parents or guardians are unwilling or unable to apply have virtually no option but to wait until they are 18 years of age to apply on their own. The only exception is to request a waiver for a grant of citizenship on compassionate grounds from the Minister – a highly discretionary process that is simply ineffective and inappropriate.


My amendment would allow children and youth with a permanent resident status to submit an application for citizenship separately from a parent or a guardian. “This change would not only ensure that these minors can have a permanent and secure status in Canada, but also provide them with increased opportunities to succeed and thrive” said Senator Victor Oh.


“This would be a landmark moment in the history of advancing the rights of children and youth in Canada, and I am proud to have played a role in it.”


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