Today, Ontario Premier Doug Ford officially announced the launch of his WeChat platform to better engage the  roughly 800,000 Chinese Ontarians in the province.

此微信平台主要发布安省保守党政府及Ontario News Now最新信息。

The platform will feature updates from the Ontario PC government as well as updates from Ontario News Now.

根据官方数据,自从启动福特政府启动Ontario News Now网络平台,官方视频率达到近700万。
Since the launch of the Ontario News Now digital platform in August, total viewership has approached 7 million.


In an increasingly digital world, there is a huge advantage in delivering digital information.  And on top of that, WeChat is the 5thmost used app in the world with over 1 billion active monthly users.

省长道格福特: “我们是为民的政府,会直接向省民传达我们政府的最新消息及新闻。启动微信平台确保安省省民从我们得到实确的信息—从一个清晰、未过滤的信息平台。”

Quote from Premier Doug Ford “We are a Government for the People, and we will directly communicate our message to the people of Ontario. Launching WeChat will ensure Ontarians will listen to accurate news from us, from a platform that has not been filtered or blurred.”

DougFord微信平台微信号是: FordNationDougFord。

可以在微信公众号搜索“DougFord”,You can also search “DougFord” under “FordNationDougFord”.

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