视频来自微博用户 @卢旭宁南山院士在接受采访过程中表示:我认为大多数人都认为他(李文亮)是中国的英雄,我也是,我为他骄傲。I think the majority of people think he is the hero of China. So even me. I am so proud of him.他早在十二月底的时候,把真相告诉了人们。你也知道他去世了,第二天在武汉和其他城市,大家都为他举行简单的悼念仪式,他们举起手机亮起灯,就这样几分钟,然后再回去工作。He told people the truth at the end of December. And you know he passed away. I think on the second day in Wuhan and some other cities, they held a short mourning memorial. Just raise the mobile phone and turn on the light and show this for a couple minutes. And then go back to work.他们想到的不是他的死亡,他们敬佩他,他们支持李医生是个英雄,包括我。They are not thinking about the death. They admired him and they support Dr. Li as hero. Including me.这是一个中国医生,我想大多数中国医生实际上都像他一样。This is a Chinese doctor. I suppose a majority of Chinese doctors actullay like him.



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